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The Professional HR Services We Offer

Professional People Management HR consultancy services provide you with practical solutions for managing your people. Whether you need expertise on a specialist HR project, advice and guidance, employment contracts and documentation, or want to outsource your HR requirements completely, we can help. Regardless of the size of your organisation or HR department, we provide a range of HR services designed to support your business.

Strategic HR Services

Our strategic HR team in Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland can help you manage your employees with expert advice, so you’re all working towards the same goal and organisation’s needs. Strategic HR can affect every aspect of the employment relationship. Including employee handbooks, training programmes, and training needs analysis.


If you’re suffering from difficult situations involving staff and your human resource management, sometimes you need someone to give you detailed information or deal with it on your behalf. Whether it involves talking with or interviewing employees or conducting an employment tribunal along with disciplinary procedures, our HR solutions will handle issues practically and professionally.

HR Services For Schools

We offer several HR consultancy services suitable for academies and schools in the North East area. Our experienced HR specialists and services include a mix of remote advice and support and an extensive list of Pay As You Go options.

Contracts Of Employment

Employment law states that employees in businesses are legally entitled to a written statement of their main terms. a well-written employment contract, company handbook, policies and procedures start the working relationship and employee engagement off correctly. So choose the right HR consultancy services to deliver excellent service that takes your company forward with amazing employee relations.

Health And Safety Services

If you need one-off health and safety compliance audits or ongoing safety support with a competent person, our health and safety services will ensure you operate a compliant environment at all times.

Remote HR

We understand that managing employees’ HR needs long-term is complex, and it can be tough to do this whilst managing your objectives. With our remote HR consultancy, your company can undergo an HR transformation; we provide outsourced HR to receive long-term human resource consulting on all your HR-related issues and performance management.

What Will It Cost?

We understand that cost is important when looking at HR solutions and HR policies. Our service and pricing structure aims to ensure that you receive value for money for your HR support as a business.

As we provide bespoke business services, the cost of our HR service varies depending on your individual business requirements, business plans and the type of HR solutions your organisation requires. Many of our clients opt for our annual remote support package (starting from £200 + vat per annum) as this gives them the peace of mind that our HR consultants are only a telephone or email away.

If you have an issue, we offer a FREE initial consultation with one of our leading HR consultants. This way, we can fully understand your current requirements, identify your available solutions, and then provide costs accordingly.


If you are looking for an HR consultancy in Newcastle upon Tyne or Sunderland, then choose Professional People Management HR Consultancy. We are an award-winning dedicated team with extensive expertise in human resources management.

Whether you need HR advice or an experienced HR consultant on your projects, have no in-house team or need additional expertise from a new partner, our dedicated human resources consulting services can help you define your company. We contribute to our client’s success by providing them with professional, practical and cost-effective professional HR solutions to their people management issues and business needs.

We offer our clients professional human resources consultants that give a personal service that focuses on the organisation’s needs, its employees and meeting legislative requirements – in that order.

We Will Help Every Step Of The Way

Outsource your human resource services with one of the North East’s leading HR firms for employee relations. PPM HR consultancy UK is here to help you.

Meet The HR Team

Monique Ewart

Managing Director
Monique Ewart has over 25 years of people management experience, having held several senior operational and HR positions within the corporate sector. As Director of PPM, working with several business owners within the North East in the last decade.
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Maureen Lindberg

Managing Director
Maureen has qualifications in Employment Law and Management Studies. Combined, these qualifications give Maureen a complete understanding of the needs of businesses, how businesses operate, the legal framework with which employers are required to comply, and how to manage people effectively.
Full Profile

Martin Taylor

Health and Safety Consultant
Martin has qualifications in Health and Safety Management, Business Management and Engineering, and has worked in various roles in his career. He is a graduate member of the Chartered Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and is an active member of their Teesside branch.
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Aileen Maughan

Occupational Health Advisor
Aileen is an extremely experienced healthcare professional, providing independent, impartial advice to employees and employers in the North East. This experience provides much-needed support to help people return to and remain in the workplace.
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Paula Barclay

HR Consultant
Paula joined PPM in 2013 and has over 20 years of experience in HR, including managing a team of recruitment specialists and providing generalist HR advice and support to various internal departments.
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Our HR Consultancy will assist you in any issue and conflict

Business leaders need the best people strategy in place. From tribunals to disciplinary meetings, let us help you when you need it most.

Why Choose Our HR Services?

Good people management is crucial to organisational success. This involves aligning the organisation’s business needs with those of its employees. This can be complex and needs HR expertise and a personalised service from HR consultants to get it right.  However, when this is achieved, the benefits to the business are very significant.  Here at Professional People Management HR consultancy, we can help you achieve this.

PPM HR Services
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The starting point for an excellent employment relationship is recruiting the best for the roles. As boring as it may sound, a clear description of the role and its responsibilities are crucial to achieving this. It allows you to recruit the best person and your potential employees to understand the role. And will definitely help the decision-making process.

Once you have found your perfect employee, organisations need well-written staff contracts and supporting documentation in line with HR and employment law. This is the agreed framework for the employment relationship. Our bespoke employment documentation can help you establish a clear employment relationship with your employees, where everyone understands what is required of them. This is an excellent basis for a successful ongoing relationship between employer and employee.

Once the employment relationship has been set out, like all things, it needs to be managed. Our specialist HR Support service will support you in doing this and keep employees on track towards achieving your organisational goals. 

Your Account Manager will be available to provide you with ongoing HR support to manage the employment relationship and ensure you comply with any legal requirements. You will have unlimited email and telephone access to your Account Manager, who will also provide you with any documentation you will require to manage day-to-day issues with your employees.

Like all relationships, employment is subject to change to respond to internal and external factors. We can support you through any of these changes.

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