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On Site HR Support

If you’re suffering from difficult situations involving staff and your HR process, sometimes you need someone to give you advice – or deal with it on your behalf. Whether it involves talking with or interviewing employees or conducting disciplinary procedures, our HR service handles issues practically and professionally.


Strategic HR Services

Our strategic HR consultant can help you to manage your employees so you’re all working towards the same goal and the needs of the organisation. Strategic HR can affect every aspect of the employment relationship.


HR Services For Schools

We offer a number of HR consulting services suitable for academies and schools in the North East area, our services include a mix of remote advice and support and an extensive list of Pay As You Go options.


Health And Saftey Services

If you need one-off health and safety audit, or on-going support with a ‘competent person’ to hand, our health and safety HR consultant will ensure you operate a compliant environment at all times.


Employment Contracts

Employees are legally entitled to a written statement of their main employment terms, and well-written employment contracts, staff handbooks, policies and procedures start the working relationship off in the right way. So choose the right human resources management to take your business forward.


Remote HR

We understand that managing employees is a complex business, and it can be tough to do this whilst managing your business goals. With our remote HR support service, your company can undergo an HR transformation, we provide outsourced HR so you can receive long term human resource consulting on all your human resource HR-related issues and performance management.