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maureen lindberg

Maureen Lindberg has many years of experience as a professionally qualified HR Practitioner.

In addition to her professional HR qualification with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Maureen has qualifications in Employment Law and Management Studies. Combined, these qualifications give Maureen a complete understanding of the needs of businesses, how businesses operate, the legal framework with which employers are required to comply with as well as understanding how to manage people effectively. Maureen believes that understand what motivates (and as importantly, what does not motivate) employees is a key aspect to the effective management of people. Maureen designs and delivers aspects of our management development programme and motivation and engagement of employees is a key part of this in her opinion.

Maureen has worked with all sizes of organisations across all sectors, including banking and finance, manufacturing, education and charities and understands the different challenges different sectors face. Maureen looks for sensible and practical solutions to HR issues looking for a “win-win” outcome wherever possible.

Maureen set up Professional People Management to allow organisations to benefit from business-focused, professional HR management delivered in a way that works for them.

Maureen is PPM’s law expert. She works as a tutor for the CIPD on their employment law courses and often represents PPM’s clients in Employment Tribunals.

Maureen Lindberg HR Consultant