HR services for schools

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We offer several HR Services For Schools and academies in the North East area across the education sector, including a mix of remote advice and support and an extensive list of Pay As You Go options. You can opt for the HR support services that suit your organisation’s needs when your organisation needs them.

At PPM, we believe people are your most valuable asset, and they are essential in providing quality education to your pupils. It is important that you have motivated and effective staff and your HR processes and issues are managed by an hr professional and dealt with efficiently. Dealing with human resources problems requires expert knowledge and can be very draining to your own team.

Our education sector service offers a great solution. You get access to our dedicated HR experts with an unrivalled understanding of the day to day challenges faced by schools and academies. Our service is tailored to handling hr needs with expert knowledge and advice. It offers a range of other optional services, including hr and payroll services, occupational health, DBS checks, and employment legislation.

Please take a look at our education HR services from qualified HR experts.

HR Services For Schools And Academies

Our remote HR support and advice package are designed to support the organisation with all employment-related HR issues with guaranteed response times and expert HR support.

Also, we offer a complete range of services on a Pay As You Go basis, so you only pay for what you need.

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HR Service For schools

Our HR consultancy team includes professionals whose careers have centred on the unique needs the education sector faces. Whether you have opted out of the local authority service or require support to complement the service you already receive, we offer schools a complete range of services, including our remote support & advice package and a full range of ‘pay as you go’ options. Our hands-on experience gives us the proven experience of your needs, the policies your school works with and the changing landscape of staff in schools and academies.

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Remote Support And Advice

Our remote support and advice package offers you access to your own account manager who is professionally qualified and extensively experienced in dealing with the full range of HR issues, including:


  • absence issues
  • disciplinary/grievances
  • capability


Your account manager is trained in the requirements of safeguarding children and safer recruitment in education, as well as being familiar with the National Agreements covering both teaching and support staff.

pay as you go

The Pay As You Go options will depend upon the current staffing issues you’re facing, so this service allows you to only pay for what you need. These can include:

  • restructures
  • occupational health assessments 
  • on-site attendance for those difficult meetings
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what will it cost?

Our remote advice and support package is a fixed price, based on the number of staff. If you prefer to take this option as a supplementary service to complement what you currently receive, a discounted price based upon the number of staff you have will apply.

Alternatively, you may prefer to use our Pay As You Go services.

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