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On Site HR Support

We'd love to meet you and let you find the perfect HR solution.

Experienced HR Managers on hand when you need them.

Many of the issues that our clients need our on site HR support with on a day to day basis are covered by our HR support package, where advice is given by telephone or email, and template documents are provided where these are needed.

However, different situations require different approaches. Our clients like to have an HR professional present in very complex or difficult situations to assist.

Examples of when our clients use PPM for on site HR Support are;


Employees usually raise grievances against their colleagues, making an independent, unbiased investigation of such grievances difficult if carried out by internal staff. PPM can investigate grievances, interview relevant staff and make objective recommendations to the organisation about what action can be taken to resolve the grievance.

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Difficult Meetings with Employees

From time to time, organisations will have to have difficult meetings with their employees, those involving poor job performance, unacceptable conduct or restructuring, and redundancy situations. Here at PPM, we can either carry out these meetings on behalf of our clients or attend with our clients to provide a framework for the meeting and ensure it stays on track.

The PPM team has extensive HR expertise, with the ability to manage difficult issues and leave you to focus on your core business.

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Disciplinary Issues

In most disciplinary issues, there are two aspects to the process, an investigation into whether there is a disciplinary case to answer and, if so, a disciplinary hearing where the employee gets to respond to the allegations against them. These two processes need to be carried out by different people. PPM can carry out one or both processes on your behalf. If we carry out the investigation, we will provide you with an investigation report that will recommend whether disciplinary action is warranted.  If we carry out the disciplinary hearing, we will provide you with a disciplinary report that will recommend what action to consider appropriate. Our clients have found this a very effective way of dealing objectively and professionally with complex disciplinary issues.

Workplace Mediation

All PPM Account Managers are qualified in workplace mediation. Sometimes intervention by a trained mediator is all that is required to resolve a workplace dispute and allow your employees to continue working towards business goals. This will usually involve half a day on-site with access to the employees involved in the dispute. Disputes are effectively resolved in over 90% of cases.


Employees should be permitted to appeal against disciplinary and grievance decisions if they feel that these have been unfair. For an appeal to be effective, it must be carried out by someone not previously involved in the matter. PPM often hears appeals on behalf of our clients. We review the process and the decisions and outline if any aspect of this needs to be reconsidered.

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Meetings with Trade Unions

Some of our clients prefer to have us on-site if their meetings involve Trade Union Representatives. It is often useful to have someone who is experienced in dealing with Trade Unions present in such meetings to ensure that the meeting stays on track and the employer is correctly represented.

With our help you can ensure that

  • The impact of disputes or change is minimised by dealing with them quickly and effectively.
  • You meet the legal requirements expected of you as an employer
  • Costs and management distractions for the organisation are limited
  • Management profile is strengthened by using independent HR professionals


If you have any situation where you consider our on site attendance would benefit, please contact us to discuss these.