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Employment Contracts

We'd love to meet you to discuss your employment contracts.

The creation of unique employment contracts and employment documentation for your organisation

Employment contracts and other forms of documentation benefit both the employee and the employer and are an essential part of employment HR services.

Employees are legally entitled to a written statement of their main employment terms, and well-written employment contracts, staff handbooks, policies and procedures start the working relationship off in the right way; they allow you to state what you expect from your employees, list their responsibilities and duties and minimise disputes which may arise during the employment relationship.

Employment contracts and documentation service includes.

  • Bespoke contracts of employment tailored to the needs of your organisation
  • Staff handbooks
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures – suitable to the size and resources of your organisation
  • Policies and procedures to cover other scenarios, including sickness policy, conduct policy, stress policy
  • Rules to define the behaviour and standards required in your organisation
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The documentation is written to reflect the requirements of your organisation, and will

  • Strengthen the profile of your organisation
  • Ensure you meet the legal requirements expected of an employer
  • Minimise the risk of employment disputes
  • Strengthen and control the employment relationship, motivation and loyalty

This service starts from just £250. If you feel bespoke employment documentation could be of benefit to your business, please contact us using the form below for more information.