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Social Media Tips For Employers

Social Media Tips For Employers

To Tweet or Not to Tweet.

With more people using social networking sites, well-established and clear principles for managing the social media activities of employees are a work in progress. However, companies can still do this by adopting a sensible and practical approach.

Companies are advised to look at the likely social media activities of their employees and identify where these could have a negative effect on the company. It is sensible to engage with those using social networking sites so that their views can be taken into account.

Once the company rules have been agreed upon, communicate these clearly to all staff. If problems occur, addressing the issue with the individual immediately as a gentle reminder early on can prevent continuous or very serious breaches, which can ultimately result in formal action or dismissal.

Rules that are often put in place include:

  • If you list yourself as an employee of the company, you must conduct yourself in accordance with its rules
  • No negative remarks about the employer, their activities, or colleagues
  • No comments about any customer, client or business associates
  • No speculating on rumours concerning the employer or their related industry
  • No communication with colleagues in the public domain on work-related issues

If you require advice on a social media-related issue or help to draft a policy to suit your business, please contact us on 0191 516 6815

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