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Employing Apprentices – Some Key Points

Employing Apprentices – Some Key Points

Apprentices are usually employees who have been employed at reduced costs in order that they can be trained in a particular skill. As employees, apprentices will have the usual employment rights, and their apprenticeship is usually for a fixed period of time; the period will depend on how long it will take to obtain the skills and qualifications they are training for.

Generally, apprentice contracts should only be terminated early for serious misconduct but will end automatically on the last date of the fixed term. Apprentices should be paid £3.40.* per hour when they are under 19 years of age or in the first year of apprenticeship. After that, they should be paid the relevant national minimum wage for their age. They are also entitled to SSP and holiday entitlement. The minimum age for an apprentice is 15 years old, but they must have finished compulsory education. There is no maximum age.

If you’re employing an apprentice for the first time and would like advice & guidance or require a bespoke apprenticeship agreement drafted to suit your business, please call us on 0191 516 6815 or email enquiries@ppmnortheast.co.uk.

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