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PPM’s HR services provide you with practical solutions to managing your people. Whether you need expertise on a specialist HR project, advice and guidance, employment contracts and documentation, or want to outsource your HR requirements completely, we can help. Regardless of the size of your organisation, we provide a range of HR services designed to support your business.

what will it cost?

We understand that cost is important, the human resource management services we provide and our pricing structure is very much aimed at ensuring as a business, you receive value for money.

As we provide a bespoke service, the cost of our service varies depending on your individual requirements and the type of solutions your organisation requires. Many of our clients opt for our annual remote support package (starting from £200 + vat per annum) as this provides them with the peace of mind that support is only a telephone call or email away.

If you have an issue, we offer a FREE initial consultation, this way we can gain a full understanding of your current requirements and identify what solutions are available to you and then provide costs accordingly.

Why Choose Our HR Services?

Good people management is crucial to organisational success. This involves aligning the needs of the organisation with those of its employees and making sure both needs to meet the requirement of the law. This can be complex and needs expertise and experience to get it right.  However, when this is achieved, the benefits to the business are very significant.  Here at PPM, we can help you achieve this.

HR Services
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The starting point for an excellent employment relationship is recruiting the best for the roles. As boring as it may sound, a clear description of the role and its responsibilities are crucial to achieving this. It allows you to recruit the best person and your potential employees to understand what the role entails.

Once you have found your perfect employee, organisations need a well-written employment contract and supporting documentation. This is the agreed framework for the employment relationship. Our bespoke employment documentation can help you establish a clear employment relationship with your employees, where everyone understands what is required of them. This is an excellent basis for a successful ongoing relationship between employer and employee.

Once the employment relationship has been set out, like all things, it needs to be managed. Our HR Support service will support you to do this and keep employees on track towards achieving your organisational goals. 

Your Account Manager will be available to provide you with ongoing advice support to manage the employment relationship and to ensure you comply with any legal requirements. You will have unlimited email and telephone access to your Account Manager, who will also provide you with any documentation you will require to manage the day to day issues with your employees.

Like all relationships, the employment relationship is subject to change to respond to both internal and external factors. We can support you through any of these changes.

HR Services

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